Sports swimming is a sport whose goal is to swim the indicated distance as quickly as possible without violating the technique of the swimming method used. Sports swimming began to gain popularity in the 19th century. Swimming has been an Olympic sport since 1896.

Swimming is a popular and very healthy sport. The benefit of swimming is undeniable when it comes to the cardiovascular system, the need to relieve stress, reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Swimming is especially useful for stress relief, because each movement is accompanied by rhythmic breathing, which engages the part of the nervous system responsible for rest and relaxation. Swimming is also a great way to burn extra calories. Energetic swings, like in the butterfly style, can burn up to 400 kcal in 30 minutes.

In addition to being fun, swimming is an effective aerobic exercise that can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Another plus is that it is not necessary to use the services of a trainer for classes, you can visit the pool independently.

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Swimming is a full body workout

According to Brian Wright, associate professor of kinesiology at DePauw University, when you swim, you use the potential of your entire body, both upper and lower.

Different styles make different muscle groups work, and by alternating them, you can get a comprehensive body workout. For example, freestyle swimming strengthens shoulder and chest muscles, as well as legs. When swimming on the back, the shoulder and upper back muscles work, which contributes to good posture. Bras strengthens the biceps, triceps, chest, deltoid muscle and the inner surface of the thighs.

Swimming is a great stress reliever

Regular physical activity, including swimming, is directly associated with lower levels of psychological stress and improved mood.

With proper technique, swimming strokes enable rhythmic breathing, which can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest and relaxation. It is almost a meditation with breathing exercises.

Many people find the pressure of the water relaxing, “like a hug,” Sherlock says, adding that warm water is especially soothing and calming. That is why we are so drawn to the river or the sea when we want to relax a little. In addition, physical activity helps to increase the level of oxygen in the blood – in this case, the brain works more clearly and more harmoniously.

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