Sports activities for children

Sports for children: where to start

We all know that sport is one of the most important components in the development of a child. It contributes to the physical formation of the body, the formation of character and teaches to interact with peers. But where to start training the baby, how and at what age to do it is a difficult question for many. Experts told us how to do everything right.

“Before enrolling a child in all kinds of sections and circles, just think about what meaning you put into the word “sport,” advises Inna Sharkova, neurologist, vertebroneurologist, candidate of medical sciences. – Do you want to give your child the opportunity to engage in a sports section for general development, or do you opt for professional sports activities? “Remember that any professional sport means injuries, which in the future often lead to problems with the musculoskeletal system. The harmonious development of the child, both physical and mental, and sports achievements are different concepts.

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Be sure to ask the child what he would like to do, and also try to analyze what types of sports activities he may have a natural inclination to. “Forcing a child to play sports, of course, is not worth it, but forming a healthy lifestyle with the use of regular swimming and general physical training will be useful and correct in any case. The child should be shown the available options and given the opportunity to choose,” says Artyom Sharkov.

And, of course, before taking the child to the first lesson, it is best to go for an examination to the doctor, who will help determine the existing features of the body and identify certain contraindications. “We should not forget that some children, for health reasons, not only cannot be given professional sports activities, but also attend physical education classes at school. Therefore, before deciding on the start of sports, and sometimes health-improving loads, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician, ”reminds Inna Sharkova.

When choosing a particular sport, think about the age of the child. “If we talk about activities that make us more dexterous, strong and strong, discipline, help shape posture and just be healthy, then you can start from an early age,” says Inna Sharkova. At the same time, up to 12 years old, preference should be given to general physical training, swimming, cross-country skiing, and athletics.


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