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The German national team beat France in the quarterfinals of the world championship due to the goal of the defender of Mats Hummels (1: 0). In the semifinals, the Germans will meet with the winner of Brasil's couple – Colombia.


After the match with Algeria, one of the heroes of the world championship-2014The German national team manual Noyer. Not because of the heroic salvation (We were just more succeeded by Algerian goalkeeper Rais Mboli), and because of the incredibly active game outside the penalty area. “The Great Libero of German Football -Bekkenbauer, Matteus, Neuer” – joked global media. Neyer played essentially for the non-band in Germany, which was reflected on jokes before this match.

Goal-Keeper Manuel Neuer Just Prevented A FRENCH GOAL.

-German Embassy in OZ (@germanyinoz) July 4, 2014

But this time it comes from the gate beyond the limits of the penalty. It turned out that in the match with Algeria Defense of the Germans just took the day off, the AU Frenchmen went to work in full combat readiness. Or with noyer just done this:

This time he had to manifest himself in the “unusual” role-personally in the gate. Having done two Superseva – one in every time – Manuelpo right deserved the title of one of the heroes of the match. Especially good was the rescue ending – when Neuier beat off Benzema hit in Pzhonsky – with one hand. It turned out that Neeer is good not only as a field player, but also as a goalkeeper.


If you see, as the world championships are scored, all see the match of the German national team. Since 2002, the Germans have scored a head 15 in the world championships – more than any other national team twice!

This time, Joachim Lev decided to win the air, returning the height of the old man and the high defender of Hummels.

The game with Algeria Hummels missed because of the influenza, and the already encouraging that he had infected 7 players who were discovered painfulness in front of the match with France. But as a result, Hummels recovered, and others.

The air rate was justified at the very beginning: Rafael Warana Hummelsprewd the defender of Rafael Varan when filing from the penalty and opened.

This 192-centimeter defender has already scored the heads on the tournament, how many teams of Russia and England (2 goals), and both heads. But Hummelstakzhe played like a beast, and on. He blocked strikes three times, 7 broke the ball. And I almost scored two more goals – the truth is one in your gate.

Game, Set, Mats 1

All against France

France on the group tournament struck everyone with his attack. Naturalately break through the Germans this evening, Benzema and the company had to come up with something special. Instead, the French knocked on a canopy, koi to. These hangsummels and his partners clicked like nuts.

In general, the French can write themselves this tournament to the transitional period after a deep stagnation, and they will certainly arrive at the next tournament as one of the favorites.And the Germans looked like the tournament had just begun for them. The semi-final with the South Americans will be more difficult.

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