Live sports betting (online during the match) – rating of bookmakers in Live

Live bets are betting on matches in different sports that are taking place right now, online. Benefits of live betting from bet to start

Live sports betting: features, list of bookmakers

In this article, you can find out what live betting is, as well as their pros and cons. Here you will find information about the reasons why live odds change and the tools that monitor this process, as well as a list of the best betting companies for live betting, strategies for productive live betting and sports to bet on.

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Advantages and disadvantages of live betting

Live sports betting is different from pre-match betting. In-match bets can generate income faster and empty the pot just as quickly. Therefore, they require more knowledge, skills and experience from the bettor. With the right approach, the player will be able to quickly increase the pot. In order for a bettor to quickly bet live, you need to choose the right bookmaker.

pros :

  • Possibility of quick earnings. The main reason why bettors make more live bets.
  • Viewing matches. This gives players additional ground for analyzing the game and choosing more suitable conditions for betting.
  • High odds. For some events, quotes increase over time. But bettors do not always have time to place a bet on the best conditions.


  • Weak painting. Not every bookmaker provides a wide selection in Live.
  • Low limits. If we discard the top matches in different sports, then the players will not have the opportunity to risk a large amount – most companies reduce the maximum value of the bet after the start of the game.
  • Little time to make a decision. One has only to start the analysis – how the conditions for the bet change, which leads to a game at a low odds or an increase in risk – the bettor chooses a higher quote and reduces the likelihood of winning.

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How the odds change in live

During the game, quotes can suddenly change – for example, the chances of a favorite and an outsider will be equalized. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • Effective actions of a particular team.
  • A change in the situation in the match – the underdog has become more active than the favorite, creates more chances to take the lead in the score.
  • Received injury.
  • Changing weather conditions.
  • Loads from bettors – for a specific event at the moment, the bookmaker fixes a series of bets (or one) for a large amount.

It is not easy to predict the reason for the change in coefficients without seeing the development of events. Sometimes the change of quotes remains incomprehensible to the player until the end – often this happens due to loading. Therefore, bettors are advised to watch the matches on which they place live bets in order to understand the movement of the odds and determine accurate predictions.

On our site there is a great tool showing changes in online coefficients – Match Center. It is enough to go to the page of any match to see how the coefficients change over time on the site of the bookmaker office.

Examples of changes are visible on these images.

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Main Sports For Live Rates

Most of the bookmakers are trying to cover the maximum number of gaming disciplines when placing the painting of rates in LIVE. In this game mode, the bookmakers give a bet not only to the most popular sports – are available and less rating events. An exemplary list of disciplines to which Live bets can be made in the BC looks like this:

  • Football.
  • Hockey.
  • Basketball.
  • Tennis.
  • Volleyball.
  • ESports.
  • Table tennis.
  • MMA.
  • Boxing.

Live rates strategy

For forecasts in Live mode, the benefits have developed special strategies to achieve high batting efficiency. With their help, players can increase the passability of the bet.

There is a category of rates strategies that reduce the risk of losing. They relate to specific types of sports: for example, for tennis, a game for replacement in football, bets on basketball fourth, etc. Also in Live you can use universal game models that came to sports from casino: strategy minimal coefficients, Lénka in Live, Martingaleyel system . The choice of the strategy is individual for each player individually, and you can see their general list in this category.

The best bookmakers for Live rates

For a productive game on Live rates, you need to make the right choice of the bookmaker office. Below is a list of companies possessing the best conditions for the game online. They are characterized by rapid reception of betting and wide painting, which includes not only a standard set of events, but also rates for statistics, combo outcomes and exclusive betting options.

A brief list of bookmakers, ideal for playing in Live:

  1. “Fonbet”;
  2. “1 Schedule”;
  3. “Betciti”;
  4. “Parimatch”;
  5. “Marathon”;
  6. “League of Rates.”

Full list of bookmakers you can see above.
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