How to Bet on Sports at Bookmakers

How to bid. Tips on how to choose an effective strategy, learn how to place bets. Go professional.

How to bet on sports correctly


Sports betting in bookmakers has long been an income for many players. By betting with a bookmaker, you can get a good plus in the long run, but only if the bettor knows how to bet correctly and understands betting, sports and knows how to control the feeling of excitement.

  • Today, bookmakers offer many betting options, a wide range and all kinds of bonuses that are supposedly aimed at players, but not everything is so simple.
  • In order to effectively and competently bet on sports, a bettor should be focused on the success of the bet, and not on finding the highest quotes.

Therefore, the most correct method of how to make money constantly on sports betting will be a single bet on the sports discipline in which the player is most oriented. Do not be afraid of low odds, it is better to win a little than to lose a lot.

5 tips for beginner bettors

Beginners have the hardest time, as they still do not fully understand the meaning of the markets, do not know how to select the right sports events for bets, and do not have a specific strategy for effectively increasing the bank. Therefore, there is a base that every newly-minted better must master; without it, one can not hope for a successful game at a distance. Basic tips on how to win at sports betting for beginners are as follows:

  1. It is better to start with a small bank, which is necessary not only for the first wins, but also for gaining the first experience. Before placing real money bets at a bookmaker, it is better to practice on a demo account.
  2. Before making a bet with a bookmaker, you need to carefully study the statistics of each team and analyze the results of recent matches. In most cases, betting is a competent analytics. You need to learn how to correctly analyze matches for betting. It will also be important to study the basic concepts and names in rates.
  3. If you don't understand sports, you need to fix it. Basic knowledge in the chosen sports discipline and a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game are required. The basic football rules can be found on our website.
  4. Where to begin? Choose a strategy for the game. It is impossible to say which one is the best, it is an individual question. None of the strategies can guarantee a profit, but most of them will help reduce risks and keep the lion's share of the bank.
  5. You should not chase too high odds and make an express or system, as well as choose too narrow markets. The probability that the bet “correct score” will play is much lower than the bet on “total” or “handicap”.Slow, but the confident growth of the bank is already plus.

Other clear instructions do not exist, as each better prefers to earn, using its tactics of the game. Many nuances come only with experience, even professional betting analysts once thought, how to become a successful better.

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How to learn to distribute the bank in the rates and win


The competent distribution of bankrupt is one of the basic principles of earnings at the rates. The rate of the rate should not be determined by the NAM and change with each bet. There are two main distribution tactics – Flat and fixed bet. Flat is a softer method that is more suitable for newcomers, it allows you to bet on the sport from scratch with minimal risks.

Flat implies a bet in the amount of a certain percentage of the bank, this percentage may vary, but negligible. The optimal choice for newbies is an academic Flat. The rate of the bet with this approach will be only 1-3% of the bank, while the better has the ability to manipulate the size of the rate, depending on the available quotes. This technique has several important advantages:

  • Almost to zero reduces the risks of a sharp drain of the bank.
  • The rate of the rate is always proportional to the dynamics of the bank: the higher the size of the bank, the greater the amount of the rate is obtained at the same value of%, and vice versa.
  • Due to the long distance, the training of the better takes place in regular practice.
  • Allows reduce the rate at the time of the time drawdown of the bank.

To make money on a long distance, it is necessary to constantly adhere to the technique, and not from time to time. This is a smooth, non-aggressive tactic of the bank distribution that shows good results in the program to the perspective.

The newbie may be interested in descriptions of such aggressive techniques, Lestenka and Martingale (Betters Martingales strategy are often referred to as the labia) due to the major size of potential winnings. On the Internet, many fraudsters propose to teach these strategies for considerable money. In some situations and they can bring profits, but they are contraindicated with players without proper experience.

How best to choose an effective bet strategy

To learn to effectively bet on sports and win on an ongoing basis, you need to choose a game strategy and constantly stick to it. Here, newcomers are presented the main strategies of bets that managed to show themselves in the case. But the choice of tactics is a very individual process, since each of them requires certain skills and personal qualities. For example, the most chassis strategy among beginner betters is the Miller method, but it requires exposure and patience players.

At the heart of Millers strategy lies just the same method of distribution of the Bank of Flet. This is the safest approach that allows you to properly distribute the bank in the rates, and increase it on long distances.Miller offers a peculiar management of funds, which is as follows:

  1. The amount of the initial bank is recorded.
  2. Better begins to bet from bets in 1-2% of this value.
  3. When the bank fails to increase by 25-30%, the rate of bets makes more than 2% of the current bankroll size.
  4. Each increase in the starting bank for 25-30% of the rates are made more than twice.

Better slow start, but a confident yield at the distance. All that is required from the player is to learn to put on winning outcomes and to withstand a long-lasting star. Since with the initial bank of 5,000 rubles, the first few rates will be only 50-100r.

How to Bet on Sports at Bookmakers 1

How to analyze sports matches


Competent analytics – the basis of winning betting. It is better to consider this question on the conditional example. The most popular sport for bets is football, so I will consider a football match, lets say, the meeting of Seville – Roma. The goal is to decide what is best to put.

First you should familiarize yourself with the results of the last matches of each team. We see that Seville wins the last few meetings, rarely meet a draw, but if we consider the statistics of matches in more detail, it will become noticeable – the team rarely has an advantage. This can be judged, focusing on the following parameters:

  • % ownership of the ball.
  • Boots on goal.
  • The average number of heads per match.

Next, consider the success of Roma: the team does not have a single defeat, in most cases surpasses opponents for all the above parameters and striking the last match with Athletic, where Roma managed to score 6 heads into the opponents gate. None of the match remained without the goals scored by the Romans.

It is also worth paying attention to the team and be able to make a reason to determine the basis and reserve composition. In football, key positions have attackers and goalkeepers. It is necessary to monitor those who were excluded from the game in the past match or who was injured. It is noteworthy that the main goalkeeper of Seville can not take part in the upcoming meeting, and Jebo (striker from the base of Roma) will return again on the field.

To understand which teams to install, from Bether will need to answer a few questions:

  1. Did you manage to define a frank favorite of the meeting?
  2. How productive are teams and what is the probability that the match will bring a lot of heads?
  3. Is there a team that in the presence of a small fory will definitely be able to successfully complete the meeting?

In this case, we see that both teams demonstrate a confident game in the attack and try not to leave a single match without a goal scored. Therefore, deciding which rates it is better to be oriented on it. It is better to put 1.5 if even 2.5, but the coefficients will be too low. But if you put on both score (yes), you can find favorable quotes above two.

Thus, analyzing the match, you need to consider:

  • The results of the last matches.
  • The results of the last personal meetings.
  • Key options in each match.
  • The current team.

And pushing out of the information collected, to predict the outcomes on football matches and compile successful forecasts. So it is possible to rack a bet, even if you cant.

How to choose the right bookmaker

To the choice of the bookmaker can be approached thoroughly. Today, in the market of interactive rates, it is easy to stumble upon the institutions that are industrialed by fraud. You can play without losing there, but you can win a win on your account – it is already unlikely to succeed. Here, players will be able to find a rating of bookmakers, compiled by experts who took into account everything, up to the smallest details.

The most important parameter is the license. In an illegal office, even more favorable conditions of the game can offer, but they do not give any guarantees, while the rates in legal bookmakers are protected by an intermediary in the form of a Cupis and a player can always seek help in government agencies. However, this structure only works in Russia, only citizens of the Russian Federation can register in such BC.

Next, you need to pay attention to other factors that contribute to the comfort of the game conditions:

  • How widely the line is represented.
  • The average value of quotations, because the higher the coefficients, the higher the size of the potential win, the more you can earn.
  • The possibility of playing the demo account. This will help learn how to bet on sports and win without risk to lose real money.
  • The magnitude of the bookmaker. Margin is the percentage that the office charges from each client win. Adequate margin in the line – 3-5%, in Lyiv – up to 8%.
  • Having a mobile application for the convenience of playing from the phone.

And one more thing, which is also worthy of the attention of the players – a bonus program. Many offices provide generous bonuses, others – are limited to insignificant welcome gifts. It depends primarily on the demand of the bookmaker in new customers when the BC is only stuffing the audience, it establishes the most pleasant loyalty programs.

But! Do not blindly believe the advertising promises of the bookmaker. The bonus is not enough, it needs to be played yet, and some bookmakers do not allow this to do. Moreover, the process of playing leads to a confident bank plum! Therefore, it should be paid attention not only to the size of the bonus, but also on the conditions for his wage! On our page you can familiarize yourself with the current bonus programs of different bookmakers.

How to go to the professional level

The ability to correctly analyze matches and competently dispose of the bank comes to players with experience. The better the better disassembles in profile sports discipline – the higher its indicators will be. At first, you can find free forecasts from the best kapper.If you are interested in paid sport forecasts, then we have prepared a rating of analysts that safely and profitably cooperate. It is also worth considering that sport rates are also competent financial solutions. To become a professional in the rates, it is necessary:

  • Possess the selected game strategy.
  • Improve the ability to analyze matches.
  • Play always with a cold head and not give in to the feeling of excitement.

Start making rates that will lead to a win enough, it is harder to fix the result and achieve constant yield.

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