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Sports activities are very useful for the human body, of course, because the movement – that’s life! And sports – it is nothing but a movement, purposeful, positive and much needed

Sports activities are very useful for the human body, of course, because movement is life! And sport is nothing but movement, purposeful, positive and very necessary. In the process of performing various physical exercises, millions of nerve impulses are sent from the muscles to the brain, they bring the entire nervous system into an increased active state, this causes the activation of the work of internal organs, increases a person’s working capacity, gives a surge of strength and vigor. Sports are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, they are practiced for their own pleasure and for the sake of health benefits.



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Sport is:

– Good physical health
Sport requires continuous hard work, which leads to the tone of the body and muscles of our body. This is a good way to strengthen the cardiovascular system while working on endurance and strength. In addition, an hour of any workout allows you to burn from 300 to 600 calories, depending on the intensity.

– Excellent coordination
Proper and good coordination between hands and eyes allows you to better focus on certain things. It will be useful not only in sports, but also in everyday activities.

– Physical form
Many people complain that they do not have enough time for training, which is why they add extra pounds. However, playing sports allows you to keep you in good shape without any extra effort. Playing football, hockey or any other sport energizes you, plus it’s fun and interesting.

– Discipline
Most sports games emphasize the importance of a strict schedule of classes and training. Thus, it builds discipline.

– Stress Relief
Sport is a good way to get rid of stress and depression. Concentration on the game easily distracts from the problems of everyday life.

– Socialization
While playing sports, you have many opportunities to meet new people and make interesting acquaintances.

– Benefits for sleep
All sports involve a lot of physical activity, which will make you feel like a lemon. And in order to recover, the body will require a sound and long sleep.

– Pleasure from activities
When playing sports, you can get not only the necessary physical activity, but also pleasure.


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On the topic: methodological developments, presentations and notes

Methodological development in English (grade 10) on the topic “Sport in human life”

Practical work “Sport in human life” for 1st year students of NGO, created on the basis of the textbook by V.G.Timofeev Up & Up to work out practical knowledge, skills and skills on the topic “Sport”.

Abstract Theoretical lesson. Sports in man’s life

Formation of knowledge about the role of sports in a person’s life.

The value of sports in a person’s life is difficult to overestimate

For me, sports is very important in terms of raising the tone and active life position. Sport trains willpower, endurance. True, not all the sport brings joy. I like to play football, in.

Lesson “Sport in Human Life”

Methodical development of the class “Sport in human life” allows you to actualize the problem of preserving your health in the modern world. The occupation is designed for students of high schools, materials M.

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Sports and health are inextricably linked. Modern life in conditions of technical progress, with the advent of computers, smartphones, etc., facilitates the person existence, and, consequently, physical ak.

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Physical culture and sport are an inseparable part of the culture of society and every person individually. In the present.

“Sports in a person’s life. Meeting with the world champion, Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in Korsh, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan Faisullin Ferhant Farkullaevich. “

An extracurricular event contributes to the formation of motivation in adolescents to engage in physical culture and sports, introduces the sporting achievements of the outstanding athletes of the Republic of Tajikistan.

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