Olympic Games 2020, volleyball: Iran – Poland – 3: 2. Review of the match on July 24, 2021. Sport-Express

The Russian coach is making history with the Iranian team.

What a genius Vladimir Alekno! Today, Iran led by him won the biggest Olympic victory in history. Poland beaten with a score of 3:2! Winners of the last two world championships. Which, after these incredible successes, was strengthened by Wilfredo Leon, a native of Cuba, who is considered the best player on the planet.

The match was explosive. Everything was decided on a tie-break, which dragged on to indecent 23:21. Both of them had matchballs, but Iran got the lucky ticket. This is a historic victory for the country.

Olympic Games 2020, volleyball 1

Repulsed attack

Let me remind you that Alekno headed Iran only in May. He was invited precisely because the Persians needed an experienced coach who could instill in the national team the spirit of the winners. Their team is interesting, but historically lost almost all the endings of key matches. And now – it worked! Recall that Iran looked inexpressive in the League of Nations, not even getting into the top ten. Alekno brushed that aside, saying that he used the tournament as a field for experimentation. Where else to watch the young, if not there?

Then Vladimir Romanovich withstood the pressure of the local star Farhad Gaemi. Togo was not included in the Olympic team – and he began to accuse the Russian specialist of all sins. Like, pepper came from abroad for money, and he doesn’t give a damn about Iranian volleyball. Alekno did not remain silent, gathered a press conference – and put everything on the shelves that a person thinks about it. Moreover, he did it so convincingly that even the Iranians sided with the coach, and not with the homegrown star.

Olympic Games 2020, volleyball 2

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