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The debut for the second racket of the world turned out to be exhausting, but, thank God, without three sets.

For tennis, our national team in Tokyo clearly made a bet. This, of course, is not a team tournament in the full sense of this word – but the medals are considered to the piggy bank of the countries, so the desire of the head of the SHAMIL Tarpishchev, the head of the federation of Shamil Tarpishchev, has been pronounced in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It is necessary to use the situation when there are no several players from the top 10 in the men’s discharge, including Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Good chances of us in pairs.

However, Daniel Medvedev for fees just did not go and prepared for the Olympics individually. The second tennis player of the world complained about the acclimatization, but before the first match in Tokyo he had six days. Nevertheless, the opponent caught not the most passage. Alexander Bublik is now included in the top 40 and is the most ambitious Kazakhstan tennis player. Previously, he played for Russia, which also added a colorite meeting. But this season he has better in pairs – where he reached the final of the recent Roland Garros.

Tennis, as Daniel Medvedev played 1

Complex and wordless rival

Although the bagel is interesting not only by this. He is one of those beautiful tennis players who are not shy to issue an examination on what is happening on the court immediately after the draws. Unfortunately, none of these opinions we can print, but you can find a lot of funny to search “Alexander Bublik”. One meme “Sport for ***** [idiots], one d ***** [moron] of another beats” what it is worth.

Today, too was fun. Medvedev did not work out a bagel simply. In the first set, everything decided to break in the debut itself, thanks to which the score was 6: 4. The Russian has a feed, but the Russian Kazakhstan has had to beat each gami.

But in the second game, the opponent of Medvedev unexpectedly started from 3: 0. Daniel complained of the balls and even asked for a judge to change them ahead of schedule. About the specific coating in Tokyo wrote before – they say, five minutes after the start of training, the ball becomes fluffy, and the local hard – very slow. But it did not prevent Kazakhstani to do Ash, and at some point he caught the length of the court and became very good and uncomfortable to play a line.

Daniel nevertheless instantly played and made the score 3: 3. Although instead it could have been 2: 4 – Breakpoints were, and in the protracted rates on the “more – less” Muscovite survived. This is then a bagel and stopped holding away. After Danya dragged SMESH, and Alexander shot the grid in response, the court was heard to the entire half-empty court: “Just s **** [Tired] already!”

Tennis, as Daniel Medvedev played 2

Medvedev almost lost set

However, Medvedev was not going to bother.He would gladly completed the action earlier, but the bagel fell for the filing and led the game to the Tabreik. And in it even played from 0: 4. Medvedev went ridiculous mistakes, practically disappeared as the first feed class. Finally, the Russian knocked out. In Tokyo, it is now very stuffy even stand on the street, not to mention shooting with accelerations. A bagel in the interruption was irrigated his head, without removing the caps, Medvedev changed polo.

Further, the parties were exchanged by the matches and setballs, and a couple of times Danya was in a step from participation in absolutely the third set. Thank God, it cost – and thanks to the “autogol” Kazakhstan. With a score of 8: 8, he made a double mistake, and the Russian responded with a beautiful draw, in which the ball scattered with several blows into different parts of the court.

For the match among the Russian, only one won Forend, 15 unforgettable mistakes and only half of the ball won in the second feed. There is much to improve.

In the next round, the second number of the tournament and the first racket of Russia will meet with the winner of the pair of Sumit Nazal (India) – Denis Istomin (Uzbekistan). Also, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Anastasia Pavlychenkova, from the court Italian Sarah Errani from the court 6: 0, 6: 1, Aslan Kaites will meet with American Tommy Paul, Couffermetova / Vesnina will begin a hike for gold against the Germans / Zigemund, and Khachanov / Rublev – against Rama / Tathif.

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