Popular cat games for iOS and Android

There are dozens of cat games written for tablets and smartphones.

There are dozens of cat games written for tablets and smartphones. Among them there are paid ones, and free ones, and even those that show ads – I wonder who?

Almost all games are arranged in the same way: a mouse / fish / bird / fly that needs to be caught runs, swims or flies around the screen.

It is good when the game is accompanied by sounds – they tease the cat and attract his attention.
It’s bad when an Android game doesn’t know how to block virtual on-screen buttons – hitting the “back” or “home” icon with its paw, the cat will inadvertently close the game and be upset (in this sense, cats playing on Apple tablets or Chinese tablets with mechanical buttons, have an advantage).

Attention! Before you give the tablet to be torn apart by a cat, make sure that its screen is made using protective glass (Gorilla Glass) or pasted over with a protective film!

Popular cat games for iOS and Android 1

Friskies; Cat Fishing

iOS, Android

+ If the cat loses interest, after 30 seconds the game will meow to get attention

– No virtual screen buttons lock in android.
– Game time is limited to one and a half minutes.

Friskies; Happy Wings

iOS, Android

– No virtual screen buttons lock in android.
– Game time is limited to three minutes.

Friskies; Jitterbug

iOS only

+ There is an “advanced” mode with the ability to select “endless game”. To exit the “endless game” just shake the tablet.

– No sound.

Game for Cats by HiccUp

iOS only

In the free game, the cat is invited to chase a laser pointer on the screen. The paid version adds the ability to control the pointer through the iPhone and adds a game with the mouse. To prevent the cat from accidentally turning off the game, turn off the multitasking mode in the tablet settings before starting.

Paint for cats by HiccUp

iOS only

The cat catches the mouse and at the same time “draws” a picture in one of the ten suggested styles. The finished “picture” can be uploaded to Facebook.

Catzilla by HiccUp

iOS only

Cat catches “monsters” that destroy cities))

Pocket Pond

iOS, Android

Free (there is paid content)

Actually “Pocket Pond” – this is a game for people, but cats love it very much. You are invited to equip your own virtual pond and fill it with life: colorful fish, frogs, dragonflies, etc. The fish must be fed regularly, and the pond must be cleaned, earning “points”. The cat can only meditate, looking into the virtual water, and from time to time try to catch someone.

+ There is a blocking of virtual buttons in Android.

– Pretty confusing menu.

Cat Playground

android only

Several games in one application: you can catch a mouse, hunt a fish or try to catch a laser dot.

+ Choice of four games.

– There is no blocking of virtual buttons.

Games for Cats Bundle

iOS only

A set of dozens of colorful games in which you can catch mice, birds, fish and insects, “draw” pictures, create your own “cat darts”, and make a rock band from Persian kittens.

Paw Me Lite – Free Game for Cats

iOS, Android

Free, there is a paid version ($ 1)

Colorful multiplayer game for cats and people. Cat can play with himself, with unfamiliar pussy over the Internet or with man. People can play at all without quotes.

+ Original multiplayer functions.

– “Wisdom” menu button in the upper right corner of the screen.
– No blocking of virtual buttons in Android.

Magic Piano

iOS, Android

Free, there is paid content

Another game for people who love cats. Try yourself and show the animal! 😉 Attention! Your tablet must support more than two simultaneous touch screen!

+ Interesting and people, and cats.

– No blocking of virtual buttons in Android.
– Paid loading of melodies.
– Sending spam.

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