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An official analytical company with an office in the center of St. Petersburg, providing users with advanced esports analytics and predictions for key matches in esports disciplines.


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Artificial intelligence GameSport is an author’s software complex with machine learning technology. Such a tool allows you to receive, analyze and process a large amount of data in a matter of seconds. The introduction of artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to determine the best outcome of any cybersport event.

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For many, the question immediately arises “why was all this done?”, and there will obviously be a lot of contention about this, although people on the first servers are already used to earning currency themselves, but I will still answer it.

Why is it beneficial for servers and players?
1) DG currency on the site can be obtained for free: daily bonus, chat, forum, reviews, etc.
2) Those who didn’t have money for endless ammo before can now easily afford to get packs just like that.
3) Packs will not be distributed by children who once paid 50 rubles, right and left.
4) Innovations will improve the economic part of the game, namely, packs are now more valuable than before.

In addition to the usual exchange of site currency for game currency, Ammo Roulette has been added, in which you can play for 100DG and win yourself up to 5000 packs at a time!

As a bonus for all users, an X2 bonus has been added for the first replenishment of the DG balance of the site, i.e. replenishing your account for the first time you will receive 2 times more DG to your account!

In addition, after any purchase of privileges on any server through an online purchase, you are given 1 free attempt to spin the roulette for ammo packs and, accordingly, receive a bonus up to 5000 packs to your purchase!

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