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The ability to handle modern computer equipment, for sure, it will be useful to each child in the future. At the same time, children’s educational games will help the baby learn to consider, study the alphabet, will improve his memory and help develop imagination. Of course, there are also those who consider that at such an early age the tablet is better not to show, however, there are cases when you take a child with bright games on the tablet simply necessary. Consider several toys for Android.

Overview 1

Mathematics for children

Mathematics for children is an excellent educational toy for young children. With the help of bright pictures and colorful examples, based on understandable actions, this program allows you to study numbers and produce actions over them.

Thanks to the exercises, “Learn of Numbers”, “Comparison of Numbers”, “Addition”, “subtraction”, “examples of two actions”, “Memory”, a child of preschool age understands the basic principles of mathematics, training memory and attentiveness.

The full version of the application will allow you to choose the necessary numerical range for each exercise.

Learn letters and sounds

This is an interactive application for children of junior preschool age. In the form of a cheerful game, it is possible not to just learn the letters and hear how they are correctly read and pronounce, but also learn from them to draw up words. The developers voiced letters as they are pronounced when reading, so that the child learned to read, and not pronounce letters separately.

With the help of several exercises, the kid will learn to read the letters, make up words from them, as well as choose the desired letters among several presented.

Animal Hide and Seek for Kids

A new toy for young children will allow the child to explore the world of nature. An application has been developed in the object search genre specifically for children of junior preschool age. The game takes the game to the charming atmosphere of the African continent, where he will meet various good and fun characters, and 12 available landscapes who made developers will not get bored with the baby.

Each time the game begins, the animal is masked in various places, it will help the child to become more attentive and cleaned. And the absence of the same levels will allow him to open the application every time with interest.

Crocodile Swamp Freare

The crocodile Swamp Free is the official Disney application, which is fully translated into Russian. Game will like children who love to solve mechanical puzzles. The plot of the game will allow you to learn to choose the path with the digging of the Earth for clean and dirty water and mucus, wade through the dungeons, etc.Together with a cheerful character who lives in the sewage under the city.

In the free version, fifteen levels are available, which the baby will pass with the crocodile swamp, but if this seems not enough – you can download paid versions with other characters.

Collect figure

Collect the figure – this is one of the most popular applications, on his account more than five million downloads. Here they show the contour of the picture, and next to the parts of which you need to collect it. The picture will appear only when all parts are located in their places. The application allows you to develop a small motorcy and vocabulary from the kid.

Twenty-pictures are available in the demo version, if the child has helped with all of them, you have the opportunity to download the full version of the game.

I myself! Very baby app

Appendix I myself! – Excellent children’s program for parental control over the actions of a kid, which has a very convenient control, including a convenient timer with settings. Exit from the application is possible only after entering the password.

The application allows you to create a kind of protected children’s room. After the opening “I myself!” The actions of the child is limited to the limits of its personal desktop, where only children’s applications are located.

Navigation is close to adult, so the child will not have the impression that something hide from him, but at the same time, the design is bright and interesting.

Kolobok and miracle stove

Kolobok and wonder stove are a very informative game for young children. Each kid will delight and surprise the presence of a large number of animation and the presence of good fabulous heroes.

The essence of the game is to teach a kolobka to cook various dishes on the specified recipes, thanks to which the child begins to recognize objects, to generalize them. The app also improves memory and attentiveness, in addition, acquaints the baby with Russian traditions.

The toy is suitable from two years: the baby is not necessarily able to read, just listen carefully to listen carefully.

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