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Rules of the game Mafia: how to play the mafia. Overview of the Gaming Rules of Multiplayer Card Mafia online.

Mafia Game Rules

Mafia is a team game in which 2 teams are played: peaceful citizens against the mafia. The goal of the game is to defeat your team and at the same time (preferably) to stay alive. The task of civilians to reveal the Mafia players and betray their executions. Mafia players – to give themselves for ordinary residents and seize the city, destroying all honest citizens.
At night, honest citizens sleep (with the exception of active roles – the Commissioner, the doctor and the maniac, who play on the side of civilians), and Mafia chooses the victim.
In the afternoon, any player can express their true (or imaginary) suspicions against any player, accusing him in relations with Mafia and putting his candidacy for a vote. After completing the voting, the player who received the largest number of votes is provided to the last word. This is the last possibility of the accused to justify and stay in the game. It is important to choose the right words: to replace other players in relationships with mafia and / or to speak in your defense. Then all players besides the accused decide should execute him or pardon. If the majority requires a player's execution, the accused leaves from the game, opening its role. Then it becomes clear to everyone that it was killed or a peaceful citizen and the mafia managed to fool citizens, or Mafii was killed (and Mafia would brutally revenge for his death). If the city decides to pardon “innocent”, he will continue the game and his role will remain a mystery.

Behind the night comes again. And again, Mafia chooses the following sacrifice, which in the morning will find a dead, if the doctor or the police come to the aid on time. Alone, this decision has to take a maniac, that's just his task to find members of the mafia. And so to the victorious end. The game ends either a complete victory of mafia or civilians. In case of both sides, an equal number of players remained, it is believed that Mafia won.

As you probably already understood, in the game Mafia, as in the poker card game there are two components: the ability to observe other people and the ability to draw conclusions about the strategies with which other players play. In addition, this is a fairly fascinating and dynamic game that takes place in lively communication (which is also quite valuable).

For the complication of the game situation and giving the game more interest, in addition to ordinary mafios and civilians, the following roles can be introduced into the game, which only exacerbate it and gives it additional difficulty (where and without obstacles in the game): Dr., Maniac, Sergeant, Boss Mafia.

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