Rules of the game in backgammon, strategy and tactics games

The rules of the game in the backgammon the benefits of the game Narda is difficult to overestimate. Regular fights improve memory and mathematical abilities, teach concentrated and develop spatial imagination. A game

Rules game in backgammon

The benefit of the game Nard is difficult to overestimate. Regular fights improve memory and mathematical abilities, teach concentrated and develop spatial imagination. The game contributes to the development of strategic and logical thinking.

Rules of the game back

Players will require a field of rectangular shape, marked in a certain way, and 30 checkers: 15 white – in one enemy and 15 black – in the other. Also need classic playing bones (they are called “burdens”) – cubes, on the verge of pointing point, from one to six.

  • house;
  • Opponent's house;
  • yard;
  • Opponent courtyard.

The stroke championship is determined by the lot, in the online version it happens automatically. The first participant runs, at the dawn of which a longer number of points fell. He gets white checkers. The following moves are carried out alternately. In the classic version (long variety), the checkers move in a circle counterclockwise. They need to make an almost complete circle field, that is, to come on the opposite direction relative to the starting position.

Backgammones – Features

To make a move, the participant throws two cubes at the same time. In a virtual game, this action is made by a computer. Then he moves checkers according to the number dropping on the cubes. Example: numbers 3 and 6 fell out, it means that one checker moves to 3, and the second is 6 points. During the first trip, they usually go to one chip on the number of points, which is equal to the amount of points that dropped on two za. For example, if numbers 3 and 6 fell out, the player moves the chip by 9 points (3 + 6). In the case when duplicate (2 * 2, 5 * 5, 6 * 6) fall during the participant at the participant, then two checkers are allowed. In subsequent movements, the participant can like one checker or make two moves with different chips: one is removed from the head, and the second moves forward. It is also allowed to walk with two checkers, which are already involved in the game.

If it turns out to go according to the values ​​of 2 chips, then in the backgammon, the rules of the game are forbidden to walk according to only one value of two dropped. The player moves one checker only if the second put it is not possible. Moreover, even when it is unprofitable, the partner must make the point for the greatest number that fell in cubes.

Any number of checkers can get together on one hole, but if the chip of the enemy is already standing there, then it is forbidden to put their checkers there. If dusk dropped, then according to the game in the backgammon and the rules of the game for beginners you can step four times in a row.

Rules in backgammon – General

After all the chips are going to the house, you need to withdraw them beyond the field.According to the rules of the game, backgammones can be removed from the field if a number equal to the field number on which the checker is worth it. If, when you fall out of a certain number, there are no chips on the corresponding field, then they make a move from a larger point. If all checkers stand in smaller values ​​than on the dropped zaech, the chip is displayed from a smaller sentence. For example: 4: 6 fell on cubes, and the checkers remained only at 1 and 2 points, emit at the beginning from the 2nd, then from the 1st. Wins the one who brought the chips from the board first.

The varieties of the game are several, but the most popular long and short.

Rules Games in Long Backgammon

At the beginning of the fight, players receive 15 stones of contrasting colors and arrange them along the left edge of the playing field. The draw determines who will go first. Who has a larger number of points on Zam, he plays a white color and starts a duel.

Participants are required to go through the field circle to the side opposite to the movement of the clockwise, and then start the checkers home (the last, right bottom quarter of the field). Then you need to first throw away all checkers beyond the boundaries.

Long backgammon layout

Checkers are exhibiting in the twelfth and twenty-fourth items, respectively. This position is called “head”. Next, the player throws cubes and makes the move according to the supposed values. Opponents walk on the shapes of their color, for this take from the head on one checker. How many points fell on zahe, for so many items you can move chips on the field. The player wins, who first started all his chips into the house and threw them outside the board.

Rules in backgammon long available to all

In one move from the head you can remove only one chip. Exception is a duplicate 6: 6, 4: 4, 3: 3 with the first throw. If such a duplicate fell out, it is allowed to walk with two chips taken from the head, since it will not be possible to make the course of one checker.

Players walk in accordance with the values ​​dropped on Zam. If, for example, numbers 2 and 5 fell on cubes, then it moves one chip on 2, the second – by 5 points or one – on the sum of the dropped numbers (2 + 5). If a double falls on the bones, the number of steps doubles.

The number of chips on one cell is not limited. On the cell, where the head of the enemy is already standing, it is forbidden to put it. During the fight in the backgammon, the long rules of the game are allowed to build blocks – to exhibit more than six checkers in a row. This is possible if at least one rival checker is in front of such a block.

After throwing two boards, the participant walks. If, for example, numbers 1 and 6 fell on cubes, then it moves one chip on 1, the second – by 6 points or the only one – the amount of the numbered numbers (1 + 6). If the bone fell a double, then the number of moves doubled.

If a player can not be like, he misses the move. If you can make a complete move, then even when the player is not profitable, it is obliged to walk. For example, if the value of 5: 6 fell on Zach, and the player is more profitable to step one checker on 5, however, it is obliged to step 5: 6 with another shash, if such an opportunity is.In situations when only one move to the choice can be made, then you need to use a greater number that fell on Zam.

At the end of the dying, you must remove the figure beyond the field. Fallen values ​​Member uses, as it seems necessary: ​​throws out the figures or moves them inside the house. When dropping, for example, 4 and 6, you can remove the figures from the fourth and sixth triangles, respectively. If there were no suitable chips, you can remove them from a triangle with a smaller value, but provided that the triangle with a large number is no longer there are no chips.

The game cannot end a draw. After the first participant displays the figures outside the field, his opponent records defeat. However, in the game settings there is an opportunity to play with the right of the last move for black, since the white started the game. Thus, you can equalize the chances of winning.

Mars and Oin.

  • When choosing the option “Mars”, players at the beginning of the fight are removed by an additional bet “Mars”. Upon respecting the layout of Mars, the winner will receive a double bid of the loser, and losing his loser all his bet. Upon unfulfilled rates of both players return to players.
  • When choosing the ONIN option, additional rates are not removed and additional payments are not made.

Rules of the game in short backgammon

  • board;
  • thirty chips of two contrasting colors;
  • Bones (burdens).

The playing field is divided in the territory, as in long backslands. The bar between the house and the yard is called the Bar.

  • Two in the 24th,
  • three in the 8th,
  • Five in the 13th.

Players need to make a full circle over the field, return the checkers home and bring them out of the field.

Participants alternately throw at one dawn: who some points are larger, he starts the party. If you fall out the same number of points, players move the bones until different values ​​fall. In the virtual version, the sequence of moves is determined by the computer. Further use both burdens. Checkers always move in a circle.

Values ​​on the bones are shown for how many points you need to move the chips. They are moving strictly in one direction: white – counterclockwise, black – clockwise. You can only walk on a triangle where there are no two or more enemy figures.

For example, if numbers 3 and 4 fall out, the participant moves one chip on 3 fields and another to 4, or goes immediately by 7 one. At the same time, this chip should be the possibility of an intermediate visual stop on 3 or 4. The dodged double gives the right to step 4 times.

Rules of the game in short backgammon for beginners

Both bone values ​​should be used. If you can use only one of them, go accordingly. If each number can be played separately, then playing is required to play. The participant is inferior only in case if it cannot be like.

In short nurses there is a concept as “blot”. This is a triangle in which one checker is located.When the enemy's checker comes to such a cell, it hits the opponent and the beaten checker moves to the bar. Therefore, you need to try to put two or more chips in one point so that the opponent is not shot down. You need to “charge” a knuckling checker – to return to the game. To do this, it is necessary that the number has fallen on Zach, which will give a chip in an unoccupied cell.

After all 15 checkers returned home, you must withdraw them beyond the field. To do this, abandon the bones. Checkers standing at points whose numbers correspond to the dropped numbers are outlined from the field. Example: 2 points drop out – remove the checker from the second hole. If the dropped number indicates an empty item, it is allowed to throw the checker from the points, the number of which is less than the number of dropped points on Zam.

The winner is the one who first brings all her checkers from the board.

Rules of the game in Caucasian backgammon

The rules of the game in Caucasian backgammon almost completely coincide with the rules of short, the difference is only in a small but principal nuance.

The player has no right to beat the sick of the opponent in his house, and then hide on his checker. That is, if you beat the enemy's chip, you can't put it immediately on the well, occupied by the other with your checker during the same course. But at the same time, you can move it further on an empty well or remove another checker from the playing field and put on the attacked.

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