ONO board game rules – article from the series

Adults and children are loved by the card game. At a party, at home and on the journey she asks the clock and gives a charge of a good mood. Tasite a deck, and we will tell the rules!

ONO board game rules

The popular Card game Uno is the heroine of many children's fun and cheerful parties – captures their ease and understanding. Even the most young participant can be explained by the rules for 1 round!

The word “UNO” is translated into Russian as “one”. It is so many cards that should remain at the player to begin the most interesting. Intrigued? Then forward!


Included 108 cards. All of them are divided into ordinary and special.

Four colors: blue, yellow, green and red, as well as numbers from 0 to 9 are the basic parameters that set the game.

  • Shooter – Change direction. The game goes in the opposite direction. For example, if we went clockwise, then continue the action against the clock and vice versa.
  • Take 2.. The next player misses the move and takes 2 cards from the deck.
  • Passion pass. Everything is clear with him.
  • Wild card or color selection card. Take advantage of it gets the right to determine which picture the opponent should be played.
  • Wild card +4.. The most miraculous and almighty. The main function is the choice of color, and in addition, the next player takes 4 pieces from the deck and skips the move.
  • Wild exchange card. Laying it, the participant gets the opportunity to exchange cards with another.
  • Empty wild map Opens space for fantasy. With it, you can come up with any additional rule that gives the advantage of the one who has played it.

“Arrogors” and “+2” just like the whole deck, painted in the main colors.

The task of participating

Do not forget to shout out “UNO” and earlier others get rid of their cards.

How to walk?

Discuss those who gathered 7 paper chips, everyone, except who hung a deck. He puts his last map in the center of the table face up, running. Actually, the one who distributed becomes the point of reference. The action from it occurs clockwise (naturally, until a certain moment).

Participants in turn lay out one playing picture, which has:

  • the same color;
  • The same digit or designation.

If there is no suitable card on your hands, what to do?

First, know and remember that “+2”, the “pass” and the “shift of the direction” participate along with everyone.

Secondly, use “wild cards”.

Thirdly, to get from the deck 1, if it does not meet the requirements, then skip the move.

Unexpected situations:

  1. Ended the deck – redraw reset and continue the action.
  2. If the participant with 1 card did not pronounce the cherished word, then it gets 2 free from the deck.

How to win?

We return to the beginning. When only 1 card remains at the table, he pronounces: “Uno”.For everyone else, it sounds like: “I need to do something faster, or I will get penalty points and lose.”

And then the opponents begin to throw wild cards, skip moves and turn the game around – in general, prevent the one who said it from completing the round.


Everyone gets fines at Uno. Even someone who seems to be ready to win. After the player draws 2 cards, the action continues by itself. If the participant still managed to finish the round, then the scoring begins.

There are two ways to win:

Account for the winner

The losers count their penalty points by adding up the cards according to their value. And the total amount is entered into the winner's table. If he scores 500 points, then the game ends.

Account for every loser

After each loss, the participants write down their points. The game continues until one of them scores 200 points. In this case, all others are considered winners.

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