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Note domino rules

Dominoes is a game of 28 stones with points marked on them from zero to six.

Game of Chinese origin. It was brought to Europe by the Italian traveler Marco Polo (1254-1324). The modern name and goes back to it. domino – lord, master. At first, in Italy, the game spread in Catholic monasteries and religious communities.

When the player laid out the first die, he said: “benedicamus Domino” (benedicamus Domino) – “praise the Lord.” Or pronounced “Domino gratias” (Domino gratias) – “thanks to the Lord.” According to one version, this is how it turned out in the abbreviation just the word “domino”.

Domino rules are easy and accessible even to preschool children. The Goat game is played by four players: two players against two others.

All 28 stones, facing down, are mixed on the table. Then the players pull seven stones, of course, without showing them to each other.

They come in with a double 1-1. The owner of this double puts it on the table in the open. The game continues, as a rule, clockwise. The next player puts a suitable stone (for example, 1-5) on one of the long sides of the existing double with its short side. Then the players continue to build a chain of stones, putting one of their stones with the corresponding number of points (on the half) to the end of the layout-path, and the doubles are always placed across. If necessary, the display can be rotated by an angle (by 90°). If the player does not have the required stone, then according to the rules of the game, he skips the move.

The rules of the game of dominoes state that the round of the game ends when one of the players places his last stone or when no one can make a move, i.e. if the game is blocked (“roof”).

When either side wins, the sum of the opponents' points is credited to its account. The game of dominoes Kozel admits that if the sum is less than 13 (only for the side that has not yet recorded a single point for itself), it is not recorded at all, the owner of the 1-1 double starts the next round again, and the unrecorded sum in case of a second win (more than 13 points ) is added to the points won.

In the case of the “roof”, opponents compare their points. Whoever has the least amount wins. They record the sum of the points of the opposite side. In case of equality of points (“fish”), the sum of points of all four participants goes to the side that wins the next round.

The next round is opened by the player who completed the previous one (or made the “roof”) by entering from any stone. The goat domino game continues until either side scores a total of 101 points or more (they remain goats).

The rules of the domino game for the Sea Goat game indicate that two against two are played up to 202 points.

Partners won only if their opponents do not gain a single point. If any of the parties won the round, but the other still does not lose “dry”, then all points are written off.

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